Tandem skydiving

TANDEM -introduction to skydiving - your first jump!

Everyone dreams to fly, to see the view from above - skydiving is the way to fulfill your dream and paradive is the place to do it!

Together with a professional and experienced Tandem Instructor, you will skydive from our C208B "Grand Caravan" aircraft, and you will be exposed to an incredible free fall speed of 120 mph.

The free fall is exciting and full of adrenaline, different from anything else you have ever known!

After deploying the parachute you will fly over the coastline of our beautiful site, the “Habonim Coastline" aerial reserve, one of the most beautiful jump site in the world!!!

free fall in beautifull sky

Paradive offers you three kinds of tandem jumps:


Tandem “Free" 11000 feet

Paradive, our skydiving club is the only club in the country that allows you to skydive during the week.

We are active since the year 2000 and during this time period we have accumulated an experience of thousands of tandem jumps every year.

In Tandem free you enjoy about 40 seconds of free fall and another 7-8 minutes of parachute flying. 11000 feet is the most common height for skydiving in Israel.


Tandem “Paradive" 12000 feet

Only in Paradive every weekend and holidays you can skydive from a height of 12,000 feet.

We believe that in the experience of “once in a lifetime”, you deserve the best -

a free fall of about 50 seconds over a spectacular landscape and breathtaking view and of course also a 7-8 minutes of parachute flying.


Tandem "Jet" 14000 feet

Only the newest plane in the country can push the limits and go up to 14,000 feet.

Over a minute of free fall, you'll realize that you do have the craziest jump ever - Tandem jet.

About 80 second’s free fall and another 7-8 minutes of parachute flying over Habonim coastline

Canopy in the clouds