Only at Paradive

Paradive is not an ordinary skydiving center.
Paradive was established in the year 2000 in one of the most beautiful skydiving sites in the world,
and skydivers enjoy the amazing views of the sea, the countryside and the amazing shoreline.

 Our main specialty is preforming Tandem jumps.
In a Tandem skydive you jump out of the airplane and into a once in a lifetime adventure.
No previous experience or knowledge is  required, you'll get everything you need here at Paradive. 

After a short explanation you will get on the plane with one of our specially-trained Tandem instructors.
You will leave the ground and climb up to 11,000 feet 12,000 feet or 14,000 feet.
The instructor will attach you to the Tandem parachute, open the airplane door, and then, together, you will jump - Be ready to feel the wind rushing all around you as you fall down at 120 miles per hour, between 40-70 seconds.
When the parachute is opened, you can relax and enjoy a peaceful glide over an amazing scenery - Israel, from Tel Aviv to lake Kinneret, and even to Mt. Hermon.

With Paradive's experienced and professional instructors you will feel peaceful and confident.
All you have to do is set out for an adventure you have never experienced before, free of all limitations

. Feel free to fly.