Skydiving equipment - Unique standards

Skydiving, Like any other extreme sport- requires impeccable level of equipment. Paradive meets the heighest international standards, for you to feel as safe as possible.
אודות Skydiving equipment - Unique standards

The skydiving equipment at Paradive is maintained by the highest-ranked professional in Israel ('Master rigger') for packing parachutes- Shlomi Pearl. He's work includes constant reviewing and packing of the equipment we use. 

Shlomi is also an examiner on behalf of the 'Civil Aviation Authority', and is authorized to train and qualify parachute packers. Paradive's parachute equipment is maintained and operated according to all regulations and safety standards existing (and even beyond), at the highest level of investment and professionalism; without any competition- to ensure best and most safe experience. He also attends yearly to international skydiving conferences abroad.

Paradive uses the most advanced and safe skydiving systems/parachutes that the global skydiving sphere has to offer.

Only at Paradive there are yearly trainings and qualifications to parachute packers by the CAA ('Civil Aviation Authority') - Clearance to train parachute packers.

The content of the added document:


To whom it may concern

Subject: The 'Paradive' teaching school for skydiving and parachute packing

The company 'Air Paradive' inc.' operates as skydiving and parachute packing school at 'habonim' landing strip (as follows- Paradive).

I hereby confirm the following:

1. The contents, qualifications, and procedures at Paradive are being monitored by the CAA according to the operational references book. 

2. Paradive's instructors and parachute packers qualified at 'Paradive' are acknowledged by the CAA and approved by the regulations of Paradive. 

3. Paradive's procedures are controlled and supervised by the CAA.