Paradive’s Tandem instructors

Paradive’s Tandem instructors are first and foremost the most professional and experienced In their fields. Each one has (at least!) 1500 jumps and years of training. Trusting your instructor guarentees the safest feeling during your skydive!
אודות Paradive’s Tandem instructors

In addition to the fact that they are the coolest and most awesome people you may ever meet- The Tandem instructors at Paradive are, above all- the greatest professionals you can find. We insist that our skydiving instructors will uphold all the criteria set by the Israeli Skydiving Association, the USPA (United States Parachute Association), And the leading equipment manufacturers in this field, with no compromises:  

While in other places in the world (and in Israel) tandem instructors operate with only a 500 jumps experience, At Paradive the minimum requirement is to have at least 1,500 jumps. Same goes for photographers- While other places may settle for just a 200 jumps experience in order to film a tandem skydive, We require our staff to have at least 500 jumps experience (or 350 jumps alongside a special license and training).  

Paradive also performs monthly service surveys, That allow us to constantly monitor and improve all of our services, with a special emphasis on the skydiving staff. The fun and enjoyable vibe that they give is only secondary to the safety feeling and the professional level of safety that they have. 

All of the instructors at Paradive have a valid license and membership at the Israeli Skydiving Association, And they are obligated to have periodically medical exams, safety debriefings, and updates of the newest guidelines set by the USPA.  

Some of our instructors are graduates of the IDF Paratroopers brigade and still serve as skydiving instructors; And some go through special skydiving courses&training and professional conferences abroad (Tandem examiners, AFF examiners, etc.).

Only at Paradive you will find tandem instructors with over 15 year of experience, Who performs over 1,000 jumps every year!!!